Thursday, December 2, 2010

Travel = Inspiration to Write.....Longing for the Sun!!!

For me, there is just something about traveling that brings out the creative side in me. I can probably do more writing in a two weeks in Thailand, than I could in three months here…..and that is not just sitting on a beach writing, but spending most of the day exploring…..just when I do sit down and write, I feel inspired…..the words just flow. I’m sure I’m not the only writer that feels this way? Last winter I spent three weeks in Thailand…..I have made several trips there before and I love everything about it…..friendly people, great scuba diving, the best food in the world, jungles, ruins, amazing beaches, VERY affordable (polite way of saying it’s cheap), and it’s always HOT!!! In the three weeks I spent in Thailand last winter, I wrote over a third of my first novel, The Map.
I’ve been making good progress on the next Logan Nash Adventure; 2012: Mayan Cenote, but I can’t wait to escape to somewhere hot and tropical to give me that surge of inspiration to finish my next novel. Everyone finds inspiration in different places…..for me, the moment I get to the airport I feel that excitement…..a new adventure waiting to unfold…..a blank page waiting to be written.

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