Monday, November 29, 2010

Guest Speaker at Writing/Marketing Class

I had the privilege of being invited to be a guest speaker at a writing/marketing class at the local college. It was only about nine months ago I had sat in that very class.....I found the class very motivational and inspirational when I had taken it. I remember how I couldn't wait until the next class. Until the time I had taken  that class, I never really had much contact of anyone with a passion for writing, in fact, as many of you know, most people didn't even know I was writing a book until it was released less than two weeks ago.....I wanted to save it as a surprise to my friends and family.
I find myself recharged just being around other writers, who share the same passion as you....sharing ideas, marketing plans, different writing styles and hearing about the progress and trails that each other is having in their journey to becoming a published author. It truly is a journey, with many twists, turns and bumps in the road, but to hold the finished product in your hands makes the long hard journey worthwhile.

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